How to Organize Your Closet to Increase Available Space

Additional storage is always beneficial regardless of your home’s size. Maximizing storage space will help you remain organized and identify what you’ve stored in your closets. Beware that adding storage can be costly, and unless you’re prepared to part with money, your initial step must be to refurbish the existing closets.

Like most people, if you own a small closet,the organization is crucial to increase the available space. Here’s a list of tips to consider when organizing your closet in Mr. C residences new construction.

The initial rule when it comes to space organization, particularly when there’s limited square footage, is to eliminate the excess. Ask yourself whether you need to maintain all those clothes or shoes in the closet. Before you determine the amount of space you require, establish what you can sell, discard, or donate.

Research storage solutions for small closets
It’s crucial to have a plan before you start purchasing items. Take inventory of the items you own to establish what you’re working with. For instance, assess the number of skirts, pants, and shirts you have to hang. Then, measure your closet and record them. Lastly, seek storage solutions and see whether you can repurpose items you might have already, for instance, bookcases and shelving.

Double the Hanging Space
Nothing will convert your closet as fast and dramatically as a double hang. Additional hanging space is more efficient compared to shelving space, so if you need to select between the two, opt to increase hanging space. This might imply that you need to hang items you’d ordinarily stack and fold.

Reconfigure the Closet System
You don’t need to live with a hanging rod simply because your closet came with it. You could relocate the existing rod and include a second one for pants and skirts. Such a trivial change could make a huge difference and incorporating a small set of drawers could equally be beneficial for corralling workout clothes or folded sweaters.

Closet Shelves-Two Story
On most shelves, there’s considerable space above. Although it’s somewhat difficult to reach, it’s an excellent place for storing rarely-used items. Maximize the wasted space by including another shelf above the current one. Purchase sufficient shelving material that matches the length of the current shelf plus sufficient for middle supports and two-end supports.

Use Appropriate Hangers
You can use hangers for all kinds of items besides clothing, for instance, blankets and scarves. Use hangers to organize clothes of a similar kind. This way, you only need to pullout a hanger to examine your scarves.
The best hangers for a small closet include slimline or huggable hangers, which are less bulky and approximately an inch thinner than a conventional wood hanger. This yields an increase in saved space if you use it exclusively in your closet.

Use Closet Door Space
Shoe racks are the best for closet doors. However, they aren’t merely for shoes anymore. You’ll discover that they’re a great functional way of storing all kinds of accessories and clothing items. These organizers can accommodate accessories, for instance, scarves and jewelry. Use the closet door for the items you wear and grab most frequently. For instance, if you wear a scarf, tuck the most-worn at eye level in shoe racks.

Back of a Door
A door’s back that opens into a closet or utility room makes a convenient hanging space. The challenge is that most doors don’t provide a good mounting hardware surface. The solution includes screwing a ¾ inch plywood to the door’s back and includes construction adhesive for doors with a hollow core.

Use the Closet Floor
It might be sensible to shift the shoes you rarely wear outside the closet and use the floor for a blend of off-season storage and shoes. The best storage choice is a low-to-the-ground cubby. Ensure the one you use fits the space, so you can maximize every inch of floor space. You could move the rarely worn or off-season shoes high in the closet or a different storage space like a hall closet.

Matching Bins or Baskets
If you decide to incorporate bins or baskets in your closet, go for matching ones. This will make your closet more organized and bigger. Color coordinating clothing items could also give your space a more organized feel while making it easy to find your favorite items.

Mistakes to Avoid When Organizing Your Closet in a Mr. C Residences New Construction

Failing to Declutter First
Organized clutter remains clutter under any circumstances. Trying to organize your items before editing them thoroughly will undoubtedly leave you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. Before undertaking any measures, just streamline the wardrobe first. Most people usually purchase similar items repeatedly. If you discover this is the case, just choose your preferences and donate the remainder.

Spending on Organizing Solutions without a Plan
People mistakenly believe that if you invest in excellent storage solutions, you’ll automatically be organized. You don’t want to fall for this misleading thinking. Before you buy any containers, ensure you have a particular list of things you require to store your belongings.
You’ll want to take measurements first to ensure you purchase things that fit in your closet. Otherwise, you’ll end up with baskets and bins without use.

Purchasing Incompatible Storage Products
Although you might be tempted to experiment with a range of colors and styles in your Mr. C Residences New Contruction, don’t do this. When it comes to a product organization, you should stick to one color palette and style to produce a clean and streamlined aesthetic. Simply invest in matching baskets and hangers for a cohesive appearance.

With some ingenuity and planning, it’s possible to transform even the tiniest closet. You just need to choose the right hangers and containers.

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