High School Research Paper: How to Deliver a High-Quality Paper

Students always feel anxious when they start writing their high school research papers, especially those for whom this is the first experience. To succeed in writing research paper assignments, you will need to pull all your knowledge and desire together to present an impressive piece of work.

Description of high school research papers

High school research papers are based on a sophisticated research conducted in a particular field of science. Therefore, this work requires persistence and accuracy, including the application of the appropriate methodology.

The stages of writing a high school research paper:

  1. Selecting Topic. When choosing the topic for your high school research paper, it is necessary to make up the list of the topics you dislike so that you could evaluate your own skills for the research and narrow the subject area.
  2. Searching for the material needed. Once the topic is chosen, you may start your adventures in the quest for the required information. The points of data location could be different, including the internet sites and public libraries.
  3. Starting your research. The next stage of writing your high school research paper will be practical application of the previously gathered information. Here, you should plug in your creativeness and imagination and indulge in this exciting investigation.
  4. Preparing the list of references! This is the most crucial stage of high school research paper project, as formatting considerably influences the total grade. Make sure that the bibliography is compiled in the appropriate way.
  5. Writing process. To begin with, you should prepare the cards with notes that might be helpful for your high school research paper. Then, make up an outline and start writing the paper following the structure. Check every word for you to be sure that this paper will conquer your teacher.

Research Paper Thesis: How to Present the Strongest Statement

It goes without saying that one of the most important parts of a research paper is an effective thesis statement. Thesis statement is the main attraction of the whole work that influences the rest of the paper. Therefore, students should spend more time on selecting a research paper thesis.

The main requirements for a research paper thesis:

  1. Originality: the main function of a research paper thesis is to attract the readers’ attention and to provoke their desire to read the entire work.
  2. Laconism and persuasive facts: it is important that your research paper thesis should conform to topic sentences presented in the paragraphs of the main body.
  3. Strong and impossible to disapprove: a research paper thesis should be based on veritable facts and sources.

Main stages of writing a research paper thesis:

  • Determine the general idea and purpose of the research. Before defining a research paper thesis, you should understand the topic of the research and comprehend its objectives in its full extent.
  • A research paper thesis should not be longer than one sentence so that the reader should be able to comprehend the scope of the paper at once. In case it is longer, it is desirable to shorten it.
  • Once the thesis is shortened, you may add or substitute general phrases with more specific ones emphasizing some terms appropriate for the topic.
  • Remember that a research paper thesis is a kind of ambassador to the entire paper. Therefore, try to preserve a respectable image of it.

The main purpose of the thesis is to demonstrate your competence in the field of study but not to show the part.


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