How to Write a Perfect Literature Review : Few Tips
A literature review is an essential part of a research paper. It is written, submitted and added after the research proposal and is used to show the research committee and the teacher why the particular research is important.

A literature review studies the previous research and highlights the need for further in the specific area or research topic. Professional companies and essay writers get a number of ‘write my essay’ requests that include requests for literature review also.

Since the whole research is based on it, students are extra careful with it and dont want to make any mistakes. You can write the literature review yourself also and this is what we will talk to you about.

Below are some handy tips for writing a winning literature review and taking a start in your research.

1. Start the Research Early: Once you have chosen and got your research topic approved by your instructor, you should start with doing the research for your literature review. Do not wait for your teacher to tell you to start with the literature review. Research takes time and this is why you should start as soon as possible.

2. Choose Relevant Sources Only: When you are doing the research, you will come across a number of research that are either loosely or indirectly related to your research, leave them out. You should add the relevant and closely related sources only. Relevant sources will provide additional information about what makes the research important.

3. Use Selective Quotes: Quotes are used to support your main claims and not to substitute them. Therefore, use them sparingly and only when it is absolutely important to add a quote. Adding quotes will create a good impression but too many of them and the results will be quite the opposite.

Use quotes when you do not want to change the way the author has described something and you want to keep the same terminology and phrases.

4. Focus on Your Voice: A literature review is written to examine and analyze other people’s work and research but, your own unique voice should be the focal point. Instead of using the quotes and sources to develop your arguments and claims, use them to back and support your personal opinion.

The literature review is about your research and its significance while the previous research is used as supplementary material only.

5. Be Careful about Paraphrasing: When paraphrasing a source, be careful that you do not miss the main idea of the author. You must present the idea without changing its meaning and essence while writing in your own words.
Whatever you add, as a quote or a paraphrase, you must cite everything and credit the original author and source.

Writing a literature review or a literary essay is a high end research practice and it should be precise and on point for maximum results and impression. Contact 'essay writing service' to get help and assistance from their experienced professionals in writing perfect literature review.

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